05 December, 2008

something of an emergency

So. Since last posting I've switched to a new job at nordstrom's which, overall, is going well... But the last two weeks were absolute bullshit and since at Nordstrom we make comission I'm screwed.

The rent check will be cashed any day now and my account is $250 short.

I have scarves and gorgeous plates and art to sell... They'd make good
Christmas presents for people....

I hate calling on charity. I've never not worked my ass off for the things I need, the past two weeks included. But right now I really need help.


Anonymous said...


so sorry you are having such a hard time with money...you are not alone. do you have a site where you are displaying your items for sale?


tinyrun said...

tina - i'm not seeing a link to etsy or even a paypal donate button...i'd love to send you something...